Creation of Atelier Boivin by Jacques Boivin


Takeover of the Atelier by the Grandjean family


Takeover of the Atelier by Arnaud and Anne Gillier


Takeover of the Atelier by François-Régis Laporte and Philippe Lalanne

A century-old workshop located in the heart of Paris, we handcraft silk accessories of great finesse, labeled "Made in Paris".

Highlighted by the richness of the fabrics, the complexity of our achievements strikes the connoisseur and arouses the curiosity of the amateur.

Discovering the distinctive signs left by our craftsmen on each piece is to register in time, the attention paid to details that we call the requirement.

Our daring is reflected from the moment we choose silks with exceptionally rich weaves and deep colors that underscore a spirit turned towards artisanal know-how.

On the style side, the "swallow" tip, the "emerald" beveled angles and the staggered folds trace the lines and reliefs of our accessories, reminiscent of the chalk work and the cut still made by hand within the workshop.

Welcome to the world of the Boivin workshop "One of the best kept secrets of Paris" ...